Photoshoot Experiences - Craig Travis

Need some headshots? Promoting your band?  Fancy a Family photoshoot as a nice afternoon out? Is it your birthday? Do you want to look your best in your CV or portfolio?  Are you celebrating a milestone in your life and you want to mark the occasion? 
Work with us to make something memorable!
We have a huge, contemporary, relaxed, child friendly studio in Worsley , Greater Manchester where you're welcome to come and hang out while we brainstorm ideas of the best way to present you or your whole family.
In most instances there are no set fees for our photoshoot experiences, we try to keep out initial prices as low as possible and can work up to any budget. Want a simple head-shot for your passport  as you know you'll be stuck with it for 10 years? Let's see how good we can make you look! Want to make yourself look the best you ever have with our team of makeup artists and stylists and have me retouch you to look like you should be on the cover of Vogue? That's cool too, let's see what we can come up with and you can just pay for the shots you like...

We also have the equipment to shoot at any location you have in mind!

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