Commercial Photography - Craig Travis

As much as I love being a wedding photographer,  getting the chance to slow right down and capture the essence of someone else's work is one of my favourite aspects of being a photographer.

People often ask me how long I've been shooting commercial photography and are surprised at my answer of "Since I was 10" (30 years!). My mother was a rep for Auto Trader at the time and I would take the photos for her on an ancient Polaroid B&W instamatic while she took the details, when I tagged along with her in the school holidays. When I took the plunge of doing this full time in 2014, representing businesses and showing their best side to the world is the well trodden path I naturally followed and quickly found my way into some big name partnerships. Let's work together.

Architectural Photography is a holiday to me. Being given an assignment, watching how a building relates to its surroundings over a few days and observing how light behaves and dances around the angles... Bliss! 

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