Deansgate and Quay

Sunset at 8 pm on the corner of Deansgate and Quay St in the centre of Manchester.

I had a suspicion that the sunset was going to be a pretty decent one that night so I headed off into Manchester to do a spot of 'Light fishing' with my wife and youngest daughter in tow. I had a spot in mind but when I got there it was obvious to me that the light there was going to be poor at sunset until much further towards winter, so there I was, sulking...

We had some food and went for a walk to show Amelia the Manchester Bees (statues made in tribute to the victims of the arena terrorist atrocity) and our spirits rose a little. Then when we almost got back to the car, which was parked just through the building on the left of the photo, I knew that this was the spot that would enjoy the best of the sunset and I got set up.

So with my wife and daughter disappearing to the Starbucks over the road, pretending they didn't know the strange man sat on the pavement with a tripod set up on a Friday night in Central Manchester, I came up with this...

A2 Print on Permajet Titanium Lustre Fine Art Paper - This print will be embossed, signed and numbered using an acid-free pen in the margin beneath the image. If you would prefer the edition number and signature on the back of the print or if you would like your print without an embossed stamp, please be sure to let me know when ordering.

The print run is limited to 108 prints.

The print can be mounted before shipping, please ask.

Deansgate and Quay