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Man building cyclorama infinity wall in a studio

A story of a photographer

This is me a few years ago building the infinity wall and studio space in Walkden, 3 years after deciding to make this my full-time job. I was teaching at the University of Salford and raising my twin sons on my own, photography was my the only creative outlet I could find the time for. I was known to my colleagues and students for always having a DSLR with me that I was fiddling with. In fact, I've always had a camera with me.

My Mum used to photograph cars for Auto Trader magazine in the 1980s and I would go with her in the school holidays and sometimes she would let me take the polaroids while she filled out the details. Now I think about it, I've been a professional photographer for 32 of my 42 years... While messing about pretending to be a teacher and other silly jobs... Hmmm.

All this was around the time I met my biggest fan, Jessica. She believed in me as a photographer and gave me the confidence and support to try to do this full time. Now here we are, married, with 2 sets of twins (5 children in total) a crazy dog and a Portrait Photography Studio.

God loves a trier...

Triptych photograph of a couple in love.
Environmental portrait of a female artist sat on a roof, drawing.

Adelina Court

Craig is one of the most talented photographers out there. He has built a quality business where he dedicates himself to every project - whether that's a wedding, a concept shoot, or a portrait shoot. I've had multiple jobs done by him and could not fault any of it.
I would recommend him to everyone.

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1 / 4